One of us

We think that diversity is one of our strengths. However, we are trying to educate a community in times of globalisation, individualism, neoliberalism. We are avoiding talking about polarisation and violent radicalisation. Hence the importance of promoting dialogue in educational spaces.

Therefore, ONE OF US is a methodology based on the escape room where our participants will have to work together, collaborating for a common goal: To solve our society from a dystopian future. A tool aimed at young people, with didactic material for youth workers and teachers.
The ultimate goal is to understand that migration is natural and written in our history as humanity.

ONE OF US, is a complete training where you will find on the one hand a programming, so that you understand the basics of the game-based methodology, and how to promote interculturality, inclusion and pro-social competences with young people: migrants, locals, asylum seekers and refugees. On the other hand, you will be able to download the game to put into practice many of these concepts that appear in the previous training.

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Available in English, Spanish and Italian

    Educational competences and gaming methodology

    Gamification is one of the latest trends in educational innovation. In this century, thousands of experts have highlighted the idea that game is closely related with our development, learning processes and creativity.

    But.. how do we apply it in a practical way in a classrom or a youth center? How do we engage all types of fun so we can actually motivate the youth?

    In this guide we will, accompany you in the basics of gamification and game based methodologies to promote values and educative processes for a more cohesionated and intercultural youth.

    Available in English and Spanish.