About us

The project Narratives of Resistance «Scape Room for learning inclusion» is a 24 months Erasmus+ strategic partnership involving 5 organizations in 3 countries: Fractals Educación Artística (Spain), Sovint (Spain), Vice Versa CZ (Czech Republic), Fondacionne Emmanuel(Italy) and AMMI (Italy).


  • Promote critical thinking and media literacy among young people against hate speech.
  • Researching and including the diverse realities of young people on European territory.
  • To provide quality tools for youth workers to develop actions that promote the values of inclusion and European citizenship.
  • Generate a network of entities to promote this type of projects.


The meetings will allow us to coordinate the collaborative work of the entities, to follow up on everything that has been done and to plan the following activities. They will also be an incredible opportunity to get to know our partners and the situation in the country, building relationships between participants and creating an exchange of experiences that will allow us to access all the proposed intangible results.


  • Presentation of the different organizations.
  • Scape street: Practical activity with teenagers (12-16) in the Polythecnic University of Valencia.
  • Presentation of the results of the research done by AMMI and Fondazione Emmanuel.
  • Introduction to the scape room and decision making for the design of the training ONE OF US.


  • Presentation of the AMMI entity, its colleagues, its activities and methodologies
  • Introduction of Vice-Versa’s methodology. Introduction of the intercultural perspective to favor diversity in activities
  • Presentation of the dynamics of the scape room.
  • Members’ cohesion activities and approach to the group of users and friends of the Ammi entity

Czech Republic

  • Prentation of the Vice Versa CZ entity, its colleagues, its activities and methodologie
  • First test of the game ONE OF US
  • We have designed the methodology for testing the materials created
  • Group cohesion activities in the city of Prague

Testing the tools

Once we have the pilot of the One of us game and the methodological guide that accompanies it, we will start with the testing of these tools.
The testing will be done both in Spain and in Italy and to improve its quality it will be tested with different audiences.


Where are we testing the game?

  • Formal education:Highschools
  • NGO (with multicultural youth groups)
  • With gaming experts
  • With experts on issues of inclusion of migrants and racialised people
  • Non formal
  • In youth groups in non-formal education

Multiplier Event.

On 14 and 15 October, the Multiplier event was held in Valencia, Spain.
The aim was to present the tool to different actors who could use it in their context.
Different activities were carried out for different audiences. Within the official presentation we highlight:

  • A space to play the gamified part of ONE OF US.
  • A debate on intercultural awareness through gamification.
  • Training of trainers with key agents of the territory, both youth workers and piliticians.

On of us

It is the result of all these months of work.
It is a game in scape room format to raise awareness about the migratory processes throughout the history of humanity and how they affect and will affect the present and the future. A tool to work against hate speech and in favour of inclusion.